Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ugly truth

Things turned out to be pretty ugly when people started blaming each other. No matter it's relationship, friendship or family, blaming eventually destroyed the relationship.

Blog is a very good place to express feelings as well as to find out the ugly truth. Yes, the truth is very undeniable and unacceptable because it tells things that every one didn't want to face. On the other hand, blog is also another tool to destroy the relationship. Hahaha.. Sometimes, knowing too much is not a good thing. There will be no U-turn and things will just become worse. I read this from Twitter, "when everything is not right, then go left." It is funny when you read it, but how many people can actually manage to go left in the right time? How many people will be willing to accept their own mistakes and apologize? People are born to be ego at times.
You will say, no, I'm not ego at all which a total bullshit. Every one has the ego in them. It is just the matter of showing it to others or hiding it deep in your heart. But no matter how hard you are trying to hide, it will still shows to others obviously. You can go out and ask anyone, who did not want to win or become better than the others? This is also why competition happens all the time.

Anyway, friendship turned out pretty bad. And eventually become worse. I'm not going to blame it on others saying who's fault and all. But I'm just going to express it. It is not anyone's fault when I don't agreed with her style of doing things. Maybe it is my problems because I'm the one who cannot accept it. Plus the overnight mahjong session is seriously killing me. I'm sick and have to go through the whole night listening to mahjong's sound and also people talking out loud. As a friend, I thought you will stand up for me at that moment by asking your brother and colleague to be slightly quiet but no, you did nothing but joining them. Do you know, how much I suffer by wanting to sleep so much but I couldn't? The feelings is truly sucks. The aftermath of the mahjong session? My sickness become worse. I had sore throat, cough and also flu. I have to attend 8am class straight until 3.30pm. In the end, I think my blood pressure become low and head become extremely dizzy. I cannot sleep even though I finally can sleep kao kao after class.. Suffered for the whole night.. However, you did made some changes by talking to your brother about the mahjong session as our exam is drawing near. I truly appreciate that. I do feel that we are drifting apart. What can I do to save it? Nothing because you are drifting apart yourself. Feeling disappointed? We all are.. So, moving on is the only options..

After the problems with friendship, I seek comfort in family and relationship. Boyf has been sick for the whole week now and coincidently, I'm sick too, 3 days after his fever. He is thoughtful enough to take care of me and asked me don't eat this don't eat that.. Oh, did I tell that my period came the same day as my sore throat? Which worsen my sickness and makes me super duper suffer. Hahahaha.. Get all the care and attention from boyf makes me happy enough for the whole week. However, when he get back to work, attention that I get is lesser. But never mind, as long as he is healthy,that makes me happy.
As for my family, I called daddy and manja with him saying that I'm sick. He too asked me to drink this and drink that. Muahahaha.. The surprising part was, when I came home yesterday, I get a big bowl of chicken soup from my aunt because she heard that I suffer from low blood pressure again. Thanks aunty for the soup and cousin for bringing it over to my house.. I'm truly blessed to have all the love and care. I know I do sound a little spoiled but hey, everyone loves to be spoiled right?

And now I have to off to writing script for my radio programme. Take care everyone as the weather become moody nowadays. One moment sunny, another moment raining cats and dogs..

How's your weekdays treating you so far?
Happy weekend!

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