Sunday, January 23, 2011

The ugliness of discount

It is taken in a supermarket which I will not named. Yeah, they are queuing for Shandy apparently. I am there for this reason too but then I ended up leaving because there are no more Shandy available. Why waste my time standing under the hot sun? This part of people is only half of them. The other half was standing under the hot sun. Wow, the power of discount.

I failed to get the Shandy but I got few cartons of Carlsberg for my brother's wedding.. Yippie.. The feeling of victory. Coz some people couldn't get when I was queuing to pay. For the nasty supermarket who didn't have enough supply, don't sell.. What is the point when all the people is pushing and pulling to get it? Then no point having discount when all you got is not enough. The ugliness of business because they were rather seeing people rushing and pushing and all just to buy their discounted product. Eew.. Very bad..

Today is definitely a very hot day because when I sleep in the afternoon, I sweat. Ok la, I did set the wrong time for alarm so I wake up later than I'm supposed to be. Then still wing wing dei from sleep.. I hate hot weather seriously.. I also don't like rainy days because it makes me wet if I want to go out. I know I'm hard to please but I myself also don't know what I want..

Tomorrow will definitely be a better day because I'm meeting my buddies.. *loves and joys* Muahahaha.. Gotta spend a whole day with them. Oh my god, I'm missing them as I'm typing this. Yeah for tomorrow.

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