Monday, January 31, 2011

Where is my CNY mood?

Morning peoples!

CNY is just around the corner and I definitely not feeling it yet. Yes, it is getting worse each year because I don't have the excitement to celebrate it. Mainly because I've grown up? Or just the environment changed? Or just the fact that I had a painful lost in December last year? You may have guessed it. It's my pet dog, Velvet. People may think, it is just a dog.. Why feel so sad and bothered? You can always buy a new one.
NO!! It isn't the same, ok. It is my dog and it's been in the family for 10 years. He grow up on my family and also learns from us. He is different. No other dog can replace him. Really.. I guess you must have a pet yourself so that you will understand how it feels to lost it. This year is definitely different without him. Arghh.. Enough of the emo thingie.

My brother will not be back for CNY.. He will only come back after CNY with his wife aka my sister in law. I think I've mentioned it before right? Then we will all be busy with his wedding which took place in May. Oh ya, did I mentioned? I will be going to China with my parent in March.. to meet the in law family. Lolz. I guess I need some time away from Malaysia. I feel so suffocated with things and problems. It is just things that I should deal with but sometimes I'm just plain tired. Sigh.. Life life life.. Just have to deal with it.

The boyf came the last 2 days to accompany me. I miss him so much that I keep on bug him to come.. Hahahaha.. He spent the full 2 days with me and I'm loving it. Too bad, he still have things to do today which also mean he will only be here on CNY.. The evil him did something hilarious yesterday. I sleeps in the upper part of double-decker bed so people don't usually go or sleeps on my bed because it's troublesome. I went into my room wanted to asked him to go for dinner. But he is nowhere to be seen. Then, I realized, something is weird about my bed. Yeah, he hide there. Covering himself with my blanket and also taking the bolster to block himself. I went and open the blanket and he burst into laughter. He is so cute, aint he? Hahaha.. He did it for the second time in my study room. I had a mattress lying against the cupboard and there is some space between the mattress and the door. Mind you, my door is open. I went into the room and asked my sis where is him? My sis casually said he went downstairs and burst into laughter. I smell something fishy going on and my instinct asked me to turn around. Ta-da.. There he is, hiding behind the mattress.. I really don't know whether to be angry or laugh at his action. But his action definitely melts my heart. When he is here, I didn't use my laptop at all. I've had him to accompany and do crazy stuffs to make me laugh then why should I need a laptop for? Oh, I miss him now.. Very very much.. Another reason for me to be anticipating for CNY..

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