Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The crazy and happy day

Yesterday marks one month of Velvet's missing. Sigh.. I'm sad but life stills going on. He will always be remembered.

Louis asked us to go KL yesterday to shop. Since I ffk them last week, this week I make an effort to go. I wake up around 7am to prepared and then headed to Port Klang KTM Station. That stupid station's Touch N Go machine is not working and caused me to missed the train. In the end, I have to wait for another half an hour. Sorry Fai for keep you waiting. Finally meet Fai Fai in the train and time always passed faster when you have company. We reached KL Sentral in a short while. We meet up with Wan Huey there as she sent Erika to KL Sentral to take board on the train to Ipoh. Louis came a moment after. The 4 of us happily started our journey to shopping.. We first went back to Danau Kota to fetch Rui Xanne and then off we go to Times Square.. On our way to Xanne's house, we saw this..

There is horse in it.. I casually said to Wan Huey, "Kesian that horse.. They have to stand in the same position until they reached their destination." And she burst into laughter and asked me to take this pictures of them.. We were dead hungry so we rushed to BBQ Plaza to had our brunch. Again, we ordered the Express Lunch set and in the end, everyone is so so full. Which explains the behaviour below.. Muahahaha.. I don't see any link of that post with Brunch..
After brunch, we went shopping in Times Square.. Louis is the one buying things. I did bought something too which is a shawl. Dead cheap ok.. RM 10 for a shawl and it is my favourite colour, RED.. I know my sis won't buy this kind of colour so I bought it. Louis is so happy shopping for his CNY.. He went into one of the shop and make us waited for very long thus the picture belows explains all..
This is the expression of waiting for Louis.. Xanne, Wh and I waited for Louis outside the shop for so long so we decided to camwhore..
Wh trying to look as fair as Xanne but seems like FAIL MAX..
This is the shot we all love so much because we happens to make faces at the same time. Finally, Louis bought his shoe and joined us. And I guess Fai Fai seeking for attention or he just plainly wanted to be extraordinary.. But definitely fail again..
After that, Xanne left for high tea with her friends so there are only 4 of us to continue shopping.. We passed by the main entrance and saw the decoration. We decided to stopped by and take pictures..
I must admit I admire his acting skills.. He can really act well and he looks like he is from zaman-zaman dahulu.
We managed to squeeze in and we looked so small hiding behind him.. Expert in camwhore.. Don't siow siow..
This is funny because Wh forced Fai Fai to take our pictures and then thus, the happy family is here again.. Louis seldom smile that broad and nice so this is memorable.. After all the picture taking session, we decided to drop by Sg. Wang to sing k. Fai tried very hard to stopped us from singing k but he cannot changed our determined mind.. Hahahaha. When we wanted to walk to Sg Wang, it rained heavily until we have to choose alternative ways which is MONORAIL. But after we reached Sg Wang by MONORAIL, the rain stops. $^#$@%@^$* Ok la.. Bear with it lo..
Inside the k room, ini orang patern liow liow.. Hahahah.. We enjoyed singing k so much and Xanne joined us back later and we had so much fun..
Btw, I also saw a promotion in Greenbox which is people who was born in the year of RABBIT get to sing k for free until February I think. My boy was born in the year of RABBIT so I'm definitely bringing him to sing k la.. After he is not that busy.
While Fai is busy singing, the 3 of us decided to camwhore sekali lagi. Don't you think that Wh looked like a vampire? With her lips super red and super sexy.. *vomits* Ok, minus the sexy part. I love taking pictures with my babies.. I realized we didn't really take pictures for such a long time already.
We even take pictures when we are waiting for the lifts.. Hahaha.. We sing until 8.30pm then cannot tahan liow, have to ask the person for bill. Something funny happened when the lady come and clean the table. Louis is singing a hokkien song and she stayed to listen to him. Then, we all laughed when we see that and distracted Louis so he couldn't sing well. Of course, we laugh out loud after that..
The final pictures in the k room which Wan Huey required me to take. And after much attempt, we finally successful in taking a clear and nice pictures. There are lots of blurry one before this because they just can't stop moving. Ad guess who we saw there? It's Yu Hang.. hahahah.. Like that also will meet her.. She is in the next room.
And lastly, a group picture of us.. The end of shopping day..
I reached home at 10.30pm.. It's late I know and my lovely boyf come and pick me up in Wh's house then send Fai and I home. So sweet of him. He then stayed in my house until 12am.. I miss him so much because I didn't get to see him for so many days already. We did cuddled a bit before he went back. I'm dead tired but waited for him to go reached home which is 1am. After talks to him on the phone, I straight away sleep jor..

I really missed them when I'm in Klang and glad that we finally meet up. It is a fun and crazy days which lots of funny things happened in the process. For those who didn't turned up such as Cindy, Bobo and Jing Fong, hopefully we can meet again before internship starts. And of course, I'm having so much fun with Xanne.. I think we should do this more often. Don't you think so, Xanne? :)


Ruixanne Lee said...

Yes I do my dear :) wish to hang out with you all again!! Xoxo! Miss u babe! <33

Vee Ling said...

We should do that more often.. Miss you too!!!