Saturday, August 8, 2009

I don't know what to say!

Things has been different lately.. Ever since my sis changed her job, she becomes an outgoing person.. Which at some point, I still couldn't get used to it but I cannot be bother either. Looking at her reflects at my non-social life right now.. Gosh, when was the last time I went to GreenBox this sem? I don't remember. Every week also assignment and more assignments. I might look at myself thru my sister right now. But one thing different is she is at home and I'm in KL which means I have more freedom than her. It is good to change but just she change too slow. But heck, it's better than non right?

I'm in the mid of getting sick or not! I had this very bitter tea which my daddy forced me to drink yesterday. Today, I feel slightly better but still with mild headache. Ish.. I receive an email from my live drama group mate said she wanted to change the story.. Our presentation is in less than a week's time.. I don't know what comment should I give her. I'm kinda tired to argue with almost anything..

Yesterday was a bad day for me.. I went to college not feeling well.. And then we had our class presentation which Louis is the script writer.. I didn't blame him for the wrong format because I know he did the script til late at night. I look at the script and then change a little here and there. We went and print the script out. Ms Loh was so kind and said if we got no confident then we just hand in the script and no need to present. But of coz, we wanted to present. Louis found some sound effect and then the file got corrupted because it was infected by virus.. Great! There goes all the sound effect. In the end, we manage to find some music and do our manual sound effect and of coz with Justin's help.. At least we made an effort to present right? Ms Loh said he kinda like our storyline and that made my day a little. Andrew printed the English assignment and he didn't realized that their id number missing.. And he printed it without page numbering.. I wonder what is wrong. The very pissed and sick me change it and plan to reprint.. I went to TBR after class with Alicia. The naive me thought it was just the cover page in the file but then there were actually the whole assignments and I printed it all out.. Fuck!! I was damm pissed when I saw that. Wasted my 7 bucks.. Fine! I went and buy chicken rice and then when I was carrying the soup, it spilled.. Right on my fingers.. Note: it's HOT SOUP!!! How bad my day will be? We went back for English class and I was damm moody already. After English, we went to V Block to book our audio lab. We couldn't find Ms Loh..THank god Louis spotted her in the car park and he called me.. I was like a mad person running to the car park.. Evrything is done by then and I went back to hostel.. Mild fever I had.. It was a very bad day!!

And today, I got a GOOD news.. My groupmate wish to change the story for Live drama where the presentation is less than a week.. I seriously got no comment about that.. I'm tired and sick. Let it be! and GOOD LUCK to ME!

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