Thursday, August 6, 2009

From left to right and right to left

Ok, I didn't manage to post up things that I wrote in the morning due to sudden Internet down. Well, I basically forgot what I wrote so here is a brand new post.. I attended morning class (freaking 8am, ok).. It's a big deal for me because I was late for the class.. I was late for 10 minutes and dang~~ I was the first to arrive still.. What a punctual class mates that I got!! Lolz.. Anyway, I survive thru the boring English class.. Derek was sick and couldn't attend but he m to come for recording make an effort to come for recording later.. Louis on the other hand feel a bot sick because he sleep too late yesterday.. I got few hours to kill before recording time.. I went to Old Town in Sri Rampai with Alicia. We had meehoon for breakfast and my tummy is not feeling well the whole day.. We sit there until almost 2pm.. Of coz, Michael (Alicia's bf) came too.. I am the lamp post.. OMG!!! I guai guai watch my gossip girl lo coz I got nothing to do. I don't have the English with me so I cannot ammend anything.. I enjoyed my Gossip Girl and really hope that I download season 3 as soon as possible. It is released already according to Derek.. Yea, so basically I'm having tummy discomfort the whole day. We finally finished recording around 4 something. We went to McD to finish up all our assignments. Poor thing Derek can only watch us eat and he cannot do anything. Anyway, we plan to have dinner together at night which he have to cancel because he is so sick.. We can have dinner next time, better take care 1st. So dinner canceled and we all went back. I showered and pack my dinner.. Watching the final episode of Gossip Girl and dang~~ I'm having toothache.. Damm irritating!!! Lost all my mood but I manage to finish my Gossip Girl too.. I love CHUCK BASS to bits.. He is so damm cute!! With his cool and low tone voices, OMG.. He makes me melts.. Lolz. Anyway, just need to take care of myself as well because I've been sleeping late and drink less water.. That's all for now.. Ta~da

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