Saturday, August 1, 2009

Weekends, I LOVE and HATE at the same time!!

I have this love hate relationship with weekends mainly because, I enjoys the relaxation over the weekends but then I have to do my laundry as well.. I'm a very lazy person when it comes to laundry.. I have to handwash most of my clothes ler.. I get to sleep more during weekends which I love to bits.. Sleeping seems like far away from my this week.

I was so busy this week because I got 4 assignments to hand in, 1 presentation, 1 quiz and 1 midterm.. Crazee can? I know nuts about the drama assignment which driving crazy that day. I went shooting for Ann's drama on Tuesday in Yogurt's house. I woke up early that day so Yogurt asked me to go her house to have breakfast with her as well as help her in her drama too. In the end, we come up with nothing.. Totally clueless about drama.. I only spent my time shooting and then hide in Derek and Kc's room to look for the textual evidence.. Shootings ends around 6pm so Wh asked Louis and I joined her coz she wanted to finish her English.. Three of us plus Erika went to McD in Ampang and started to do our assignments till 11 something. I manage to come up with 1000 words that night, thank god! Luckily, Pei Xuan and Janyse sent me their parts or else I will die! That night, I had arguments with my boy because I was back late and he is worried sick about me..I was so busy I ignore.. Bluek!! Very bad hor? But no choice la, time is very precious to me that night.. AFter that we made up..when i got time!! Haha.. Wednesday morning, I woke up early to finish up the final part.. I manage to finished all of it in time but then I made a mistake by not checking their work.. As the result, I have to print that assignment twice.. Learn from mistakes lo.. I got drama midterm the same day and luck is on my side coz I manage to do it.. I didn't attend Radio & DJ that day because I was dead tired.. I went back, shower and then bf came to fetch me!! Dinner time.. We went to Connaught again coz I missed the Takoyaki.. He was reluctant to go at first but then gave in when I said I was craving for Takoyaki with little bit manja!! Haha.. His weakness = me!! Too bad! I was told that my presentation is on Thursady instead of Friday. I was so shocked because I not yet finish the report.. Louis said we can hand in our report next week which make me relieve for a while.. He is the one who is going to prepare the slide show. I was late for 5 minutes on Thursday morning.. But I was last group so not affected.. The presentation is ok and we had quiz that day too.. Luckily, Louis get a easy topic.. AIDA!!! hahaha.. Friday, PSA assignment.. Thanks to Wh for the sound effect and Derek for editing for us.. I love both of you!!!! Muackss muackss.. Friday, PC fair!! Surprisingly, I got nothing to buy.. I manage to get myself a new headphone coz my old one cacat d.. Hehe.. ANd that's all I got.. Good, save money!! Home is the place I went at night!! Hehe.. I sleep quite early coz I'm very tired!!

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