Saturday, August 29, 2009

Guilty for not studying!

I'm finally home.. I've been spending more time with Wan Huey and Louis this week. Yogurt baby is in Penang with Derek and Kui Cheng so I didn't see her except yesterday.. I went to college and she came too.. Hehe.. She was on her way to KLCC's book fair.. Hmm.. I want to go also but then got things to do ler.. So I didn't go. I didn't really study this week because my notes is with Louis.. Ish ish.. That fella damm slow ler.. So long somemore didn't photostat..But then forgive him lo coz his gf came ma.. Let them enjoy enjoy lo. Hehe.. We went to Greenbox on Wednesday. We didn't sing k since I-Don't-Know-How-Long.. So the 4 of us which include Wan Huey, Erika, Louis and I went to Greenbox sama-sama.. 3 hours is like so not enough.. We were just warming up and ding~~ time's up already.. We wanted to extend but then full house so no chance.. The 4 of us decided to crash Connaught pasar malam since it is still early.. Louis brings the bad luck coz rains starts pouring when we reached Connaught.. We waited for like an hour ++.. The rain stil didn't stop but just drizzling so we decided to go just in case it rains heavily again.. Louis were so excited about the chao dao fu.. Lolz.. It started to rain again when we just step into the pasar malam.. We only got 1 umbrella and Erika is sick.. So the other 3 kena rain lo.. Buy buy buy then we went to 100 yen shop to eat. Walao, the whole table is full of food. We couldn't finish it but overall it is satisfying.. Hehehehe.. After that, we went for dessert, tau fu fa tong yuen..Yummy!! Erika said she needs to get an alarm clock so we stop by a clock stall.. Hahaha.. Erika choosing alarm clock in one end, Louis choosing watch for his gf in the middle and I saw a very cute turtle clock in another end.. Ended up, all of us bought something from that stall except Wan Huey.. The turtle clock reminds me of Jerry.. Hehe.. We went back happily after that.. hehe.. Spend the whole Thursday with Wan Huey.. Lolz..

Spending more time with friends which also mean spending less time with bf.. He is busy this week and I'm busy going out with my friends.. Guilty ler always left him at home.. Hopefully we can spend more time together after my exam.. Hehehe...

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