Sunday, August 16, 2009

Kelvin's farewell..

I just came back from Kelvin's farewell.. Hehe.. I very much enjoyed my high school friend's company. It's so fun.. Of coz, we had lots of delicious dessert.. Me likey! He made 3 cakes that is chocolate mousse cake, new york cheese cake and blueberry cheese cake.. I didn't eat the blueberry cheese cake but it look nice.. I specially likie one of his dessert which i don't know what is it.. It's like a piece of very thin biscuit wih fruits on top. Love it very much..I wish to have Kelvin to cook for me everyday.. Hahahahaha.. He is leaving to US next week. Gotta miss him.. I'm lost when I'm on my way to Hee Boon's house.. I'm really not familiar with Kampung Jawa's road.. Hehe.. Ended up, Ren Quan and Hee Boon have to come to rescue.. Actually, I turned in earlier.. Hehe.. The road there very dark.. Scary~~ I park my car in Hee Boon's house and then follow Ren Quan's car.. Hehe.. All the lost thing will happen because my boy ffk me.. But then I forgive him because he got work to do.. I'm gonna upload pictures in facebook..

Today, Velvet seemed to be sick coz he basically vomitted 5 times.. I don't know what is wrong with him.. Mt task for the day is to clean all his vomit.. Hahahaha.. Maybe he misses daddy and mummy.. Poor Velvet..

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