Thursday, March 17, 2011

You make me smile once again

I've been rushing for my assignment like a mad woman. It was a frustrating weekends that I've been through just for the China trip. Anyway, everything will worth it when I'm having fun overseas.

Recently, I've been arguing with my boyf for some matter. I was so upset by the fact that he is not trusting me. Therefore, I'm angry at one point but then cool down in a while. Anyhow, I cannot bear to be mad at him. And yes, he deserve it because today he gave me a big surprise.. Lol.. I'm happy once again... I'm kind of suspect it when Wh actually tells me a little about it. Haha.. But due to the arguments, I didn't ask so much.. Thank you Lao Gong!!!! He is so sweet to get me big present every year!! Hahaha. Although my b'day is another month to go, but this is enough for me already. I love it when he always gives me surprise. And surprise after argument is a bonus.. *loves*

I bought myself an external iPhone external charger with the help of my friend, Jun. It was a generous kind because it had so many different type of charger.. I wanted to buy the selfish one (for iphone only) but after seeing Jun's charger, I think I shall buy the generous one.. Hahaha.. It is a term given by Jun and it is copyright.. I guess I own almost everything that I've been dreaming of. And the last one will be graduate from Advanced Diploma smoothly. I will post up pictures of my pressie and charger soon..

Stay Tuned!!

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