Saturday, March 5, 2011

The oh- not- so- stressful week

Hello everyone!

So this week, I've hand in 2 assignments which is on Monday and Thursday.. Phew!! It was a struggle for me to complete the assignments. Then I watched movie twice with the buddy. Hahaha.. Speaking about movie, I find both of the movie is very interesting. Both are movies from different genre and different types of actor/actresses. Ok ok, I've yet told you all what movie that I watch.. It's Burlesque and Black Swan. I enjoyed Burlesque because of the dancing and singing part plus most importantly, JACK.. He is my new love now.. Hahaha.. He is so cute that makes me melt instantly. I find Burlesque's storyline is not exciting enough because it seems to be very flat. It is kind of predictable type of movie.. That is my opinion and you don't have to be agree with me.. As for Black Swan, it scares me.. A LOT.. The split personality thingie makes the story scary.. But overall, it was nice. Oh, and I respect Ballet dancer so much because it is so hard to dance and so painful..
Rui Xanne, I'm definitely proud of you and respect you for your love towards dancing and ballet.. Hahaha.. I don't think I can do it.

I bought myself a very large luggage bag.. I am truly happy because it is red in colour too.. Haha.. happy happy.. I went to Pc Expo held in Midvalley yesterday. Erm, it is more like a pasar to me because the place is small and too many sales person. I barely can walk.. Plus nothing to buy inside. It is mainly laptops, printer, camera, a little bit of pendrive and printer. That's all. Buuut, to my horror, my baby external hard disk's price drop until RM 179.. That is so so cheap.. So, I am thinking whether to get a new one.. Lol..

Now, I have a sudden craving for buffet since buddy have been tempting me to go to Tao.. I like being spoil with lots of choices. But often, I cannot finish it which also another reason why I didn't go for buffet often.. Buddy, when want to go Tao? Make it b4 my trip to China perhaps?

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