Sunday, February 27, 2011

The life of a student

Hey everyone! It is another HOT SUNDAY.. Not only hot.. Is super hot!! Weekends is not fun because I spend the whole Saturday writing for my papers. A marketing analysis. I'm sitting in front of my lappie like a dungu for whole day. A whole 12 hours.. However, that is the price to pay for going out on Friday.. I meet up with darling Pinkie on Friday in Midvalley. I miss my darling do much.. Although we got nothing to buy, but we enjoy shopping and also the catch up session.. Lol.. I bought myself a scarf/shawl or whateveryounameit.. So happy because I finally buy something to ease the stress me..

Time passed so fast because Velvet been missing for 2 months already. I still did not have the courage to view his photo album because I scared I might cry. Although we move on with life but we seldom mention him. Not because we don't love him but is because we love him too much; it hurts when we mentioned about him.. Ahh.. Life!! Things, people, pets will come and go. Will anything stay for real?

In another 3 weeks time, I will be flying to China. Hopefully everything goes well. I really need a vacation.. So badly..

Anyway, back to another assignment.. Bye peoples, hello assignment..

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