Sunday, February 20, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

Wow.. 1st week of class passed in a snap of fingers. Apparently, everything is alright except the fact that we are having individual assignments this semester.. Ouch.. That is so scary. But still have to do it to pass.. Lol.. So, the hard working me and Wan Huey went for the 1st class on Valentine's Day.. Yes, on Valentine's Day!! It was a marketing class and god, the tutor talks to loud. I guess he scared we can't hear him. Finished class early and I'm super hungry so off we go to Pak Li after fetching Xanne. After finishing my slurrp breakfast, we think for so long b4 decided to go to 1U. This is the tough part.. We are having dinner with bunch of friends at night so we got approximately 7 hours to kill.. Omg.. No movies to watch then loitering in 1u all day long.. Muahahhaha.. A lot of people thought it's on the 15th but sorry guys, it's on the 14th.. Next time read properly ya! Jun called and asked if we attend class. Oops, we skipped the lecture instead and she have to go alone.. Sorry.. Wh, Xanne and I walked around 1u for 7 hours.. oops.. Minus the part that we rest in McDee and also MPH.. Lol.. In the end, Shinnie arrived and joined us in mission of waiting.. Hahaha.. And finally, it's 7pm so we settled down in Nando's because we didn't want to pay for overpriced dinner.. Let pictures tells you the story..

My Valentine.. Muahahaha..Epic I know..
Xanne with her sweet sweet look.. Suits Valentine's though.
My 'mother'.. Valentine's without my 'father'.
Valentine's friend, Shinnie.. Coz we know each other on Valentine's Day.
All time camera ready, Choon Mei
Meatball, Madeline.. Hahahahaha..
Food finally arrived. And the blocked me on purpose.. So bad!
Even when we are super hungry, we still want to take pictures 1st..
The evidence.. Die die also want to take picture..
Ini princess so happy to finally see the food's arrival.. Actually, me too coz I'm very very hungry that time..
After dinner, dai lou and 2 yi lai take picture.. Cool huh? They can actually live happily together..Jealousnyer..
Notice something? They have the same smile.. Cute..
When we are too full and got nothing better to do, we play with hair.. Oops, or should I said Madeline?
Let me introduce to all of you our MANJA queen, MADELINE.. She has this ability of manja-ing people and melts people's heart.. I think I have to learn from her so that I can manja my boyf..
Peace 1
Peace 2
Peace 3.. Same pose, same smile and of coz equally cute as well...
This one no need to say lo.. 2 word, ACT CUTE.. Muahahahaha..
Ah Mae kena bully because she manja too much.. They cannot tahan her..
Lastly, normal group picture..

I guess all of you must be wondering why LEONG WAN HUEY will be my Valentine? Coz we've spend 2 Valentine's Day together.. Last year and this year. No, I did not break up with my boyf. It's just that he is too busy and we both thinks that we don't have to purposely have dinner on Valentine's day. It is just another overrated day.. I guess enjoying it with my friend will be equally the same right? Well, few of them ffk-ed us because the got the wrong date.. Lol.. So, next time it is.. So, on Valentine's day, I know a new friend which is Shinnie.. She is so nice and easy-going.. I guess all of us have lots of fun together that day. looking forward for the next outing..


madeline said...

me likey this post, it made me smileee :D

hahaa MANJA QUEEN wow. i'm so proud to be the one! love love love <3

Vee Ling said...

hahahaha.. Me likey too.. We gonna go for dinner again soon.. Miss you all already..