Saturday, February 12, 2011

The end of 1 month holiday

Now, my sweet, boring, hot and you name it holiday is coming to an end. Tomorrow, YES TOMORROW, I will go back to KL.. Hello to busy and super jam city and byebye hometown and also super jam city!!

Ironic huh? When I started my holiday, I wanted to go back to KL so much to just be with my friends.. And now, after one month, I wish to stayed home with my family. Dilemma wey!! But anyway, I still have to go back. Back to the arms of my love one and also my lovely buddies. And just in time for Valentine's. I guess the boyf and I will not celebrate Valentine's as I'm having class on that day itself. We will see how.. Maybe there is a surprise? Maybe not.

Time passed real fast and it's time for class again. I hope college will be kind to us and send us some kind lecturer so that we can finished a very relaxing short semester.

Another headache stuff which is packing. So many things to pack. Then when I'm back to KL, I have to unpack again. Ish.. So mafan.. Is there any machine that can help me pack and unpack? Someone pls invent one, thank you...

I miss my boyfie!!!!!!! Fast fast come and find me!! muahahaha

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