Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My baby girl

Today marks the 100th day of my dad's death.. Mum did a massive prayers for him and invited most of my relatives to my house because daddy loves having many people around. We even changed daddy's picture in living room into our family photo.

I'm going to give birth to my baby girl anytime now. It merely depends on when she wants to see the world. I'm having mixed feeling right now because I want to see her soon but do not fully prepared for what is going to happened during delivery. LOL. Nine months passed so fast. Right until last month that I felt that I'm having a baby because this is the time when I'm finally free to relax and feel her.. Previously, I still need to attend classes and also write my thesis so I'm kind of busy. Of course I can feel her presence because she constantly kicks me.. =) Since it is the last month of my pregnancy, I constantly feels tired and also hard to sleep. I hardly can find a comfortable position to sleep. Plus, I always wake up in the middle of the night to go to the loo. No choice coz my bladder tends to be full easily. But, I still managed to get few hours of sleep every night. Sometimes, I nap in the afternoon..

Now, I'm done buying my baby's stuff and I find myself loves doing baby shopping. Everything for her feels so nice and cute. I wished to buy everything for her but cannot. Hehe.. In the end, I only get what she needs. I have to go to hospital once a week for regular check ups and the waiting is killing me.. I have to sits there for hours just to wait for the doctor but thank god, hubby is there with me all the time. He did not missed even once. *loves* In the end of my pregnancy, I have to do tons of things such as counting the times my baby kicks in a day, taking care of my diet, regular check ups every week and etc. In one word, pregnancy is not easy. So, pls be good to your mom.. LOL

Baby baby, when did you want to come out?

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