Thursday, February 16, 2012

Labor? NOT..

I've been rotting at home for the longest time in my life that I don't know how it feels to be outside under the sun again..LOL.. This is mainly because I will be going into labor anytime soon so that's the reason why.. Everything's been good for me and I hope my baby will be greeting the world healthily. =) I've been looking up for information for contraction, water brokes and stuffs related to labor because I have no idea about it at all. Of course at this time of my life, I started to feel nervous because I do not know what to expect.. So, gotta do some homework..

It was Valentine's Day last Tuesday. I did not celebrate it with my hubby. Hmm~ As far as I remembered, we've not been celebrating it since 2 years ago.. Hahaha.. It seems like he is not a romantic person. I stayed home that day as usual but did received the best Valentine's gift that day. My results was released on that very romantic days and thank god, I passed which also means I'm officially graduated. I'm still very worry a day b4 as I'm not doing very good in one of my papers. I even checked the resit date as I'm very afraid that it will clash with my confinement. But now, everything seems to go on smoothly for me.. I feel blessed definitely although my gcpa is quite low.. But at least I graduated, that is the most important thing and my baby will be able to attend my graduation with me.. Special? I guess so..

Yesterday, I was at home as usual and hubby was back late from work. Late as in 12 something at night. I was ready to sleep when I saw a baby cockroach somewhere near my bed. Gross max! I don't dare to catch it nor do anything to it so all I did was staring at it and waited for my hubby to come back.. Yeah, he do all the jobs.. That is why we need a man at home. LOL.. Just as I'm ready to sleep, I'm having a cramp like pain in my upper abdomen. It was slightly like period pain and also gastric pain. I couldn't describe it. It came on and off. Pain then went off then pain again. I really thought I was going into labor but when hubby rub my tummy, it actually ease the pain so I guess it's not contraction after all.. After half and hour or so, it went off completely and hubby asked me to sleep so that it makes me feel better. And I'm able to sleep the whole night without waking up. I guess if nothing happens today, I will ask the doctor tmr as I will be going to the hospital again tmr.. I really wonder if my baby is ready to meet the world.. We will see.. =)

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